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Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier dog puppy, or Yorkie puppy as it’s called, is very confident, intelligent, and active for a little dog puppy. The Yorkies were first recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) in 1885 and is one of the most popular dog puppy breeds in the world. The puppies and adult Yorkies are curious breed which are eager to learn and try new things.

 The Yorkie puppy is a small dog. Most common adjectives to describe very small Yorkie puppies are: Micro,tiny,teacup,toy. The Yorkie puppies have a small head; short muzzle; eyes are prominent and set apart, nose is black; ears are v-shaped and stand erect in most puppies; puppys teeth meet in a scissors or level bite; legs are straight and tail is small and slightly curled over the back. The Yorkie puppy has a very beautiful long and silky coat which is also straight and glossy. The color of the coat can be a combination of blue and tan. 

The Yorkshire Terrier dog breed is an energetic, brave, loyal and adventurous dog. Yorkie dogs and puppies always wants to please their owner. It is a very intelligent dog breed and learns quickly. Yorkie dogs and especially puppies are an indoor pet and are a good choice for city and apartment life. Yorkie puppies are very friendly with younger children. The Yorkie will detect strangers and tend to bark when they feel danger, which makes them a very good watch dog. This dog breed is very protective with its family. 

With proper training and patience a sweet and devoted companion can be found in the Yorkshire Terrier. The Yorkshire Terrier dog is one of the longest living dog breed which can live up to 16 years or more.

Health Tips:

The Yorkie is a fairly active breed. A daily walk is sufficient enough to keep the Yorkie dog healthy both physically and mentally. Letting your Teacup Yorkie run around in an open area is good enough for the overall health of the breed. However, it should not be let off the leash in an unsecured area because of its innate hunting instincts. 

 Lack of exercise may develop behavioral problem in the Yorkie dog or puppy. It is sensitive to very high or very low temperature so should be adequately protected. This breed of dog has a tendency to gain weight quickly so should not be overfed. 

Yorkies puppies prefer small meals to one big meal per day. Some dry food or a bone should be given to it to chew on in order to keep its teeth strong and clean.

Here is a nice video about the Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) dog breed. Enjoy!

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