New Puppy? Try These Tips For Minimal Stress And A Happy Pup

    Congratulations! You’ve brought home your newest furry family member and you want to help them feel comfortable in their new home. Ideally, you will have prepared the basics before your new puppy arrives in your home, but it is to be expected that it will not all be smooth sailing from the first […]

3 Popular FAQ’s About Your Teacup Pupppy

The journey to be a dog owner doesn’t start at your adoption day, and it certainly does not end. Having a live animal as a family member is no different than raising a kid. As fresh parents, you will always have questions about your dog’s health and whether or not you’re taking the right precautions […]

5 Ways to Avoid Online Puppy Scammers

You are looking for a sweet puppy to add to your family, so you go online and search for some local breeders but can’t find any. There are some websites that show pictures of adorable puppies, exactly what you are looking for, but they are far away…how can you tell if this is a legit […]


Teacup Puppy Potty Training By Admin // Mar 3, 2014   So, To make it a bit easier on you, we have composed our wonderful and easy to follow 6 steps teacup Puppies Potty Training guide. Simply follow these easy steps and you are sure to succeed. No. 1 : Be consistent. The key is […]


Summer Fun For Micro Teacup Puppies By Dani // Mar 8, 2014   We know you might not think it is summer yet if you live in Alaska, but here in Los Angeles California the sun is shining and by looking at the traffic on Venice Beach, summer is at the door.So, in order to […]


Teacup Puppies Clothes Buying Tips By Dani // Mar 10, 2014   1. Teacup Puppies Dog-clothes shopping are much like shopping for your own kids. Some basic elements you should look for are quality, style and fit. Oh, yeah, the price too! 2. Also like in human beings, Teacup Puppies dog clothes should suit to […]


Puppy Heaven teacup Yorkie

Puppy Heaven Teacup Yorkie By Rachelle Van Duser // Aug 16, 2016 TEACUP YORKIE – Yorkshire, Northern England Normally Teacup puppies and Teacup dogs are to be just companion pets, but in the case of the Yorkshire, Teacup breeds their original purpose was different. Produced during the 19th century a rat catcher in Yorkshire, England […]


Puppy Heaven teacup Yorkie

Puppy Heaven Back to School! By Rachelle Van Duser // Aug 29, 2016   It’s that time of year again!  Back to School is here and we have the perfect solution to those Back to School stressful first weeks – PUPPIES!  Take some time out to go to our website at Puppy Heaven toy puppies and put […]


Puppy Goes Home – A Short Story By Admin // Mar 29, 2017                 The lights came on, waking me from my deep sleep. I untangle myself from my siblings and stretch out my stubby legs. And I’m up! Big day today, I think. Time to show my […]