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Health Warranty & Policy

  1. Puppy Heaven does everything it can to make sure our puppies stay healthy. To make this Health Warranty valid, you must take your puppy to a licensed vet within 72 hours of pickup or delivery (unless other agreements have been made). This timeframe begins counting from the time the puppy leaves the kennel. This exam is mandatory. It confirms that the puppy has not been injured or has not become sick at the time of your purchase.
  2. This Health Warranty covers life-threatening congenital or hereditary defects as well as viral diseases up to 10 days from the time of pickup or delivery. If symptoms appear within these 10 days, you will have the right to return the puppy for a full refund or replacement of equivalent value. Once the puppy is returned to the custody of the kennel, Puppy Heaven has 30 days to provide you with a refund or replacement. The sick puppy must be returned before your refund can be processed. Shipping will be at the buyer’s expense. Should death occur, Puppy Heaven’s choice of veterinarian must perform an autopsy to determine the cause of death and if this cause falls under warranty.
  3. Puppy Heaven does not take responsibility for cases of the following illnesses and conditions: Hypoglycemia, skin irritations, cold, flu, mites (ears, eyes, or other), infections, parasites, and other minor illnesses. Puppy Heaven informs every customer of the signs of Hypoglycemia and what actions to take after spotting signs of this disease. You are required to call Puppy Heaven or a licensed vet immediately.
  4. Puppy Heaven is never responsible for any vet bills or med supplies the buyer may incur. This excludes the agreement outlined in clause 2 of this Health Warranty.
  5. If Puppy Heaven finds the itself to be the sole liability of any of the above points, then compensation to the buyer will be limited to a replacement puppy of equivalent value. No other expenses are liable by the seller.
  6. There are absolutely no refunds. Exclusions are mentioned only in clause 2 of this Health Agreement.
  7. If the buyer sells the puppy to a third party, then this Health Warranty will become null and void.

Puppy Heaven assumes no control over the health of the puppy once it leaves this kennel. No other warranties will apply. Buyer may choose to purchase a Puppy Heaven Extended Warranty. Please contact us directly to go over the terms & conditions of this warranty and the options you have.

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Puppy Heaven is a great Place!

Bianca & Ricardo M
Reseda Ca

Highly recommend!

Mohammad & Melann
Calabasas, CA

Puppy Heaven is kind and caring

Barbara H

Purchasing my new baby has been amazing!

Frank G
Calabasas, CA

We had a wonderful experience here at Puppy Heaven

Karen K
Santa Barbara ,CA

I got this little beauty a little over 2 years ago from Puppy Heaven in Las Vegas.

Sharon Lawson
Springfield , ohio

Adopting a beautiful teacup yorkie from Puppy Heaven


I found Puppy Heaven to be very professional.

Bobert S
Los Angeles ,CA

I am so happy with my beautiful puppy from Puppy Heaven in Los Angeles.

Carol MacGowan

Puppy Heaven was a great experience.

Jeff S
Santa Monica ,CA

Puppy heaven genuinely gives a lot of love to these animals.

Calabasas, CA

Puppy Heaven is a nice place with healthy & beautiful puppies!!

Crystel C
San Francisco CA

I would Definitely give Five stars!

Melissa G

Oh My God I’m Soo happy I got My Little Angel From Puppy Heaven .

Adrine A

My wife and I had a wonderful experience at PuppyHeaven.

Steve P
Santa Monica ,CA

Thank you Ben and Michelle!

Encino, Ca.

I bought a teacup yorkie from here and she is exactly what was promised!

Springfield, Ohio

Very helpful.

Thomas W
Miami ,Fl

Tzion Was Very Helpful and brought us the perfect Puppy!

Cheri M
Valencia CA

We found our new Love!!

Stacy W
Burbank, CA

I bought Handsome Boy from Lee at Puppy Heaven


Puppy Heaven offers excellent service

Bevlynn E
Santa Clarita, CA

We loved meeting Michelle

Alexsandra P
Agoura Hills CA

This is not just a puppy shop but it is a family.

Nancy Betts
Seward, Pa

When I saw my teacup Pomeranian puppy on the website, I fell in love!

Zoey A.
Valencia, CA

Puppy heaven is great.

Grass Valley, CA

Thank you so much!

Jim Moret

We love our baby Aiko. He gives us so much love!

Brian & Rocio
CA Long Beach, CA

Thank You Puppy Heaven I am overjoyed that I get to kiss this sweet little face everyday!

Leslie Ladd
Los Angeles CA

A great experience!!

Rubia A
Los Angeles,Ca

Thank you Ben!

Rhonda Sweet
Turlock, CA

Adopting a beautiful teacup yorkie from Puppy Heaven is a wonderful experience.

Marcia A
San Diego,Ca

Thanks Michelle :)

Jan Josef & Katherine
Carson, California

I give Puppy Heaven a Five star rating

Michael S
New York,NY

Thank You Michelle for our adorable puppy (Gucci)

Shahinaz Rancho
Palos Verdes,CA

I would definitely recommend buying a puppy from them.

Marci R

Thank you Puppy Heaven for the new love of our life!!

Kristen Novoa
Manhattan Beach, California

So So happy!

Cynthia C
Studio City ,CA

My experience here was very pleasant.

Zoe N
Los Angeles ,CA

My Experience at puppy Heaven was Amazing!

Barbra A
Fontana ,CA

Puppy Heaven is by far better than 5 Stars!

Debbie Hoffman
Tucson, AZ

I was so happy to get my new little fur friend.

Linda Sager Ipsen

Best decision I have ever made in my life!

Jeanette Ortega
Malibu, CA

I Love This place


Thank you Puppy Heaven for all your kindness.

Carlos M
Los Angeles ,CA

I bought my beautiful “porkie” from Puppy Heaven

Sarah Sherwood
Azle, TX

so proud that I bought my loving Baby Boy!

Daly City, California

I surprised my huny with our third tea cup yorkie Queens n flew to Vegas to get her.

James n Patty T
Corvallis, Oregon

Puppy Heaven Offered excellent service.

Desiree B
Las Vegas ,NV

We are happy to meet Jessie and the home (Puppy Heaven)

Canoga Park,CA

i Love,Love,Love ,Love PuppyHeaven

New York, NY

Thank you for our sweet baby girl, we are so happy with her!

Santa Monica, CA

Puppy Heaven is by far the best place to purchase a puppy.


Love Michelle and the Puppies!

Debbie B
Dove Canyon,CA

Michelle is Fantastic.

Darren K
Sherman Oaks ,CA

This was so super easy!

Irick B
Santa Monica,Ca

Our new baby is called Snoopy.

Doris Weaver

I recently purchased a cute Pomeranian through the website.

Las Vegas

Thank you so much guys!


We are so happy with our new little girl.

Jennifer M
Dana Point, CA

We purchased our baby Bella 2 years ago.

Connie Christofferson

Our experience at Puppy Heaven far exceeded our expectations!

Dustin V
West Hollywood CA
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