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Healthy Habits To Keep Your Dog Barking For Years

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How To Keep A Healthy Dog In Top Shape With These Three Tips

You don’t have to take your beloved four-legged friend to the gym every week to keep them healthy!

Maintaining the well-being of your closest friend is key to ensuring they live a long, fulfilling life free from health setbacks. Do you want to know the secrets behind keeping your best friend in their best shape? Follow these three tips:

Keep Those Paws Running

Not only is exercise good for your dog – but it is also a ton of fun! Improve your dog’s cardiovascular health and prevent obesity by taking them to the park and letting them play with their fellow canines. A lifetime filled with lying around can have some profound health implications for Fido. So get them off the couch and go for a jog!

Get Your Pup On A Diet

Just like us humans, eating right plays a role in keeping your pup in top shape. Luckily, many veterinary experts are willing to recommend top-line pet food to suit your budgetary needs and your dog’s age. A general rule of thumb: don’t feed your dog chocolate, macadamia nuts, or avocados.


Keep Those Teeth In Check

We all know it – doggy mouths go everywhere they’re not supposed to.

Maintaining your best friend’s health also includes:

  • Brushing their teeth.
  • Give them oral hygiene treats.
  • Taking them to the vet for regular checkups.

Prevent any serious gum infections by taking a proactive step and cleaning those pearly whites regularly.

Congratulations! You now know how to keep a healthy dog; now, all you need is a puppy! At Puppy Heaven, we give ethically bred teacup dogs the opportunity to find new, loving homes. Do you want to bring a lovable buddy into your home and take care of them for life? Click the link below to contact us to get one of our teacup dogs in your warm, loving arms today.

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