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How To Make DIY Puppy Toys With Household Items In Seconds

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Teddy bear? Torn apart. Tennis ball? Lost. Mom’s slipper? That’s not a toy!
Keeping your pup busy at home can be super challenging, especially if they easily get bored of new shiny toys. We here at Puppy Heaven have done market research with our closest furry friends, and we believe these are the hottest new DIY dog toys you can make right now:


The Milk Bottle Trick

All you need is an empty milk bottle and a handful of treats. Pop the lead off, pour the goodies in, and watch your canine compatriot scratch, bite, and bark until the last treat slips out – keeping them busy for hours!


Bottle n’ Sock

Some pups love toys with a noise. Take a sock you don’t mind tearing up and put it around a plastic bottle. Watch your canine compatriot chew for hours and never lose interest in their nifty new plaything.


Ball n’ Sock

A classic remix of the bottle n’ sock; this is another endlessly DIY dog toy you can craft in seconds. Take a sock, toss a tennis ball inside it, and tie a knot just above the tennis ball. Now you know how to make DIY puppy toys that your pup won’t mind chewing for a few hours!

PVC and Treats

Do you have some old PVC piping that you don’t have a use for – as well as a furry friend that just can’t sit still?
Simply drill a small hole in the middle of your PVC pipe, seal off the ends, and drop some pellets and peanut butter in the newly drilled hole. Then, let your dog do the rest as they keep themselves enthralled for hours with your DIY creation.

Do you have plenty of DIY toys but no furry friend to fill the fun with?
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